"Dr. Tawady is an excellent dentist whose main priority is making sure his patients are comfortable and get the best dentistry he can offer. I took my mother to see Dr. Tawady to get a root canal. She has had bad experiences in the past and was nervous about getting this procedure done again. Dr. Tawady made both of us comfortable and the procedure was a breeze! I have since then referred my family to him."

Tanmeet Aneja, January 2018

"Dr.Potluri operates with the incredible integrity. He is not out for shameful gain and will tell you honestly whether or not you really need root canal therapy. It turns out I didn't need a root canal, but he let me follow up with him and he was the one that encouraged me to not go the root canal route. Seeing his honesty, and that he cared more about me as a patient than getting another operation made me trust him so much. I highly recommend this practice, and should I ever need treatment, I won't think twice about coming here!

Isaac Adams, November 2017"

"Great endodontics practice with a dentist and staff that really care about their patients! The office is new and is very much state-of-the-art!

Mathieu Greenwood, December 2017"

"Dr. Potluri was great. An admittedly not so fun hour in the chair and my root canal was done. Though I was prepared for worse, after the numbness wore off I took a regular Tylenol and never even really needed it. No swelling, no pain, no discomfort. I don't want any more root canals, but if need be I will go back to Dr. Potluri and will not be dreading the visit.

Tom Forhan, October 2017"

"A pleasant surprise. I was initially hesitant to schedule an appointment for a root canal given that I was scared of how painful the procedure would be. But after meeting with the staff and doctor my nerves were calm. They made sure I was comfortable from check-in to check-out. Also the procedure was actually short and pain free. I would definitely revisit the doctor again and if i needed another procedure."

Nana Frimpong, January 2017

"The overall feeling after I was finished getting a root canal was that Dr. Potluri and his assistants care about the patient's well-being during the whole experience. I never felt rushed even as I had a slight panic attack before the procedure started. Dr Potluri waited until I got my act together and then began his work. No problem. I highly recommend the Silver Spring Endodontics group."

Josephine Cruz, October 2017

"I went to Dr Potluri at Silver Spring Endodontics after an infected front tooth that had turned grayish-brown. I called on a Thursday and had an appointment for the following Monday. Dr Potluri provided a completely painless (well, except for the novocain injections) root canal with follow-on internal bleaching that had my tooth back to bright white within 3 weeks! I am so happy with how my tooth turned out. I highly recommend Dr Potluri and Silver Spring Endodontics!"

Rebecca Kirschner, July 2017

"I was referred here by my primary dentist and believe me; the staff here is very helpful I had the pleasure to have a young lady by the name of Vanessa and she could no be any more helpful with me. And the Doctor is really good at what he does. Thumbs up!!! "

Jose Hernandez, July 2016

"Friendly and professional staff, and Dr. Potluri is a gem. I had a root canal and the experience was far from the horrific stories we have all heard. Dr. Potluri explained the procedure, answered my questions confidently and completely, and constantly checked in on my comfort etc during he procedure. The staff and Dr. Potluri's calm demeanor left no room for any anxiety to grow, so I was able to relax before and during the the procedure and leave after it was all done feeling comfortable and confident that a good job had been done. I was able to go to work knowing what discomfort and pain to expect, so I was able to plan for it; post-procedure instructions were clear and helpful. I'd recommend this business wholeheartedly for your endodontic needs."

Renee-Lauren, July 2016

"I was referred to Dr. Tawady for a root canal about 6 months ago. After his thorough examination he concluded that the tooth was fine and no root canal was necessary. I was pleasantly surprised and have had no issues with the tooth to this day. It’s nice to have dental specialist that does what is best for his patients. I will be returning to his office for any root canal I may need in the future and highly recommend him to anyone in need of treatment."

Naren Vedula, January 2016

"I had a really good experience here the other day getting a root canal. The staff was very helpful and friendly while I was making my appointment and made me feel welcome the second I walked in the door. There was barely any wait time either, which was nice!

Dr. Potluri was very friendly and made me feel welcome, he explained the entire procedure step by step and assured me everything would go well. Throughout the procedure I felt absolutely no pain, and Dr. Potluri and his assistant made sure I was doing alright and could breath/swallow properly.

The procedure took about an hour and then I was able to go straight to work. I have felt absolutely no pain at all since the procedure.

I would definitely recommend going here if you need any endodontic work done, as it was a good experience for me and Dr. Potluri and his staff were excellent!"

Siddharth Pandey, 2015

"I had a good experience here the other day getting a root canal done. Staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Potluri is is the best endodontist.

I would definitely recommend going here if you need any endodontic work done, as it was a good experience for me and Dr. Potluri and his staff were excellent! "

Conde Ochoa, 2016

"I just recently had a procedure done - root canal. The office staff is very nice and efficient. The doctor even called me afterwards to make sure I was ok. Highly recommend Dr. Potluri for any endodontic needs you may have."

Jada Wright, 2016

"I had my first appointment on a Tuesday after scheduling just the day before and then had my root canal today, Friday. I felt no pain during or after the procedure. The doctor answered all my questions and the staff were nice. Can't ask for a better outcome considering the circumstances."

Anne M (Silver Spring, MD), February 2016

"My family - my son and I have visited this office on different occasions and received treatment from both excellent doctors - Dr. Sumesh Potluri and Dr. Tontesh Tawady. It was a great experience for both of us - painless procedure, saved teeth, high professionalism of both doctors, friendly treatment by the doctors and reception staff. Complete pleasure and satisfaction. I already spread a word about their doctors to my dentist and will continue doing this among my friends and colleagues. I also run a home care agency - Chevy Chase Home Care - and will be glad to deliver information about this business to my patients. I wish more people knew about this practice. Thank you very much!"

Chevy Chase (Home Care-Bethesda, MD), July 2017

"DR. P is the man! (His staff is also AWESOME)



I am not a fan of dentists (who is?), and after undergoing wisdom teeth extraction who wants to hear they have to get a root canal? Thats how I got my referral to go to Dr. P. I had trouble sleeping the night before as I was dreading the entire process.


When I arrived, the staff was very pleasant. They could tell I was very anxious and did everything to make me feel at ease. I was offered nitrous for an additional cost which i really debated doing, however toughed it out. Dr. P explained the procedure and went further to explain potential procedures. X-rays were taken and displayed on the computer monitor which was clear to see and helped with understanding. Once we were ready, he asked how i was feeling and offered nitrous again which showed me he did not want to start unless i was calm and comfortable. After the swab and injection to numb the area he asked how it was feeling and i told him not numb enough, in which he asked if i wanted more and OF COURSE I DID. Once he finished it was completely numb and we were ready to roll. Throughout the process he would ask how i was doing, checking on my breathing as well as swallowing. When it was all said and done, i got out my chair and couldn't believe how smooth and painless the root canal went. Gave him the thumbs up and said YOU THE MAN!


Having undergone a root canal 7 years ago (worst experience ever) then visiting Dr. P, i felt my first root canal was done incorrectly. STAFF took x-rays which instantly appeared on the monitor next to you. Dr. P uses a microscope to examine closer (which my first root canal person did not have). Also he uses equipment that isolates the tooth and protects your mouth from any debris being swallowed. "

Hd C. (Silver Spring, MD), February 2017

"I had a whopper toothache that began on Sunday, Monday morning I was given a lunchtime appt to great relief.

The procedure was painless and thorough, Dr Potluri was very kind, staff attentive.

The entire procedure for an upper molar was completed in the same visit.

I'm a dentist myself, and would send any patient to Dr. Potluri.

It was a very fortunate find. "

John. O (Silver Spring, MD), June 2016

"I had the most professional, pleasant and reassuring experience as a result of Dr. Gumbs recommendation of Dr. Potluri to perform my root canal. From the first phone call to Dr. Potluri's office to my arrival, I found his staff to be extremely kind and congenial. Dr. Potluri was very accommodating. He provided me with a warm greeting. He was very concerned with how comfortable I was throughout the procedure and he walked me through each step of the process which I liked most of all. He even prepared me for the most dreadful part of my visit which is getting that horrible needle for numbing. :(

I highly recommend Dr. Potluri. He is a consummate professional and very knowledgeable. "

ChantelH. - Washington D.C., April 2016

"I visited Dr. Potluri office for two root canals. I am a very tense person in a dental chair. I have to say this was the calmest I have ever been. Dr. Potluri put me at ease, went over the procedure and answered my quest. Potluri is a quiet and gentle person. I usually brace myself for pain at dental offices but here it was pain-free. This was the most pleasant visit ever at a dentist in all my years. The office did a follow-up call the next day to see how I was doing. Great doctor and great staff."

Diane W. – Washington D.C., April 2016

"I was very pleased to find an endodontist for my root canal who takes my insurance. (Turns out he is in almost all the provider networks). I found the office to be well-run and very well-equipped, the staff was excellent, and Dr. Potluri was meticulous as well as caring. Maybe he has done some new training since that negative review, because he kept checking how I was doing and several times offered to take a break, which we did. I also appreciated the detailed post-care instructions and the follow-up phone call later that day."

Clare S.(Chevy Chase, MD), October 2015

"No pain during the procedure and total relief afterwards. What more could i ask for? Dr. Potluri has an engaging and compassionate team of dental assistants who offer a warm and caring environment. Dr. Potluri comes across as a calm, focused, precision-oriented health provider who does everything within his power to relieve the patient's pain. To begin with, my dentist sent me to him for an emergency drainage because the infection had spread past my tooth. After a few days on anti-biotics, he brought me back for the actual procedure. He exudes complete confidence and conveyed that to me. His staff provide warmth and reassurance that I needed because of my pain and anxiety related to it."

Jim R. (Silver Spring, M), D September 2015

"I had an excruciating toothache last week. I went to see my regular dentist who did xrays that did not reveal anything. Since the whole side of my mouth was hurting, he could not determine which tooth was affected. He gave me a referral to see an endodontist. The first doctor couldnt see me until 9/9. So I called my dentist for another referral which is how I ended up seeing Dr. Potluri. I was able to get a 3:00 appt for the next day. I woke up in unbearable pain so I called office to ask if I could come earlier. The receptionist was very understanding and accommodating and told me to come at 10:45. I got there in record time and after filling out required paperwork, I was taken back to the room. There were several patients there so I was being squeezed into the schedule. The xrays once again revealed nothing so Dr. Potluri had to administer other tests to see what was going on. Once we figured out which tooth it was, I was in unbearable pain again. Dr. Potluri made me comfortable as he continued with some of his other procedures. Dr. Potluri and his staff checked on me quite often to ensure that I was OK. Upon further examination it was determined that my tooth could not be "saved" and would need to be extracted by my regular dentist. Dr. Potluri cleaned, applied meds and made sure I would be OK through the weekend. Thanks to him, I was able to enjoy my Labor Day weekend with my family and friends. I did not feel anymore pain until I got tooth extracted yesterday. I highly recommend Dr. Potluri for your endodontics needs. "

Romy M. (Burtonsville, MD), September 2015

"Last week I underwent a root canal at another dentist's office. After working for some time on the tooth, the dentist stated he could not complete the work and said he would have to send me to an endodontist. I was referred to an endodontist in Bowie, which was not close to my home. I found Dr. Potluri on my insurance's approved endodontist listing and got an appt. the next day. Dr. Potluri and his staff were very welcoming and efficient. It was a difficult procedure, but he and his assistant stuck with me, and got the job done. And the procedure was $200 less than the dentist in Bowie would have charged. Dr. Potluri called that evening and asked how I was doing. My husband said, "No one has ever called me!"

I would definitely recommend Dr. Potluri to my friends and family. "

Susan L. (Silver Spring, MD), August 2015

"I have had four root canals done by four different dentist, however the most recent performed by Dr. Sumesh Potiuri was the best ever. I have a very low tolerance for pain and he thoroughly understood my pain tolerance before he began the root canal treatment. He performed several checks to insure my mouth was completely numb, both before and during the procedure. His pain management skills are excellent, along with his dental skills. I never thought I would say it was a pleasure going to the dentist but it was a pleasure with Dr. Potiuri. Not only did he complete my root canal treatment in one day and informed my primary dentist of the work he performed but when I got home after the procedure, he personally contacted me to ensure I was having no pain or problems. There was no pain or problems. I like the personal touch. Before I left his office, I let him know that if I need a root canal in the future, he would be the guy to do it. If you need a painless root canal performed, he is the dentist that can do it. "

Donald J. (Accokeek, MD), August 2015

"Dr. Sumesh Potluri and his staff were very friendly and professional. His dental assistant was very patient and listened to my concerns going in (as I have had several root canals, and all were pretty painful). Dr. Potluri came right in and was very friendly and professional. I explained that I had tremendous sensitivity and he assured me he wouldn't even touch it until the anesthesia kicked in. He asked me several times (more than 3) throughout the procedure if I was ok and if I needed to swallow (due to the thin cover over your mouth to prevent any interference during the procedure). He was gentle and efficient. When I felt a little pain, he was attentive and numbed me right away. He asked me before and after if I had any questions and thanked me for coming. Two hours later, I received a call from the Dr. himself, checking on my well-being. I was very impressed. Good customer/client/patient service is hard to find, but I highly recommend Dr. Potluri for any root canal treatment! "

Kamisha B. (Hyattsville, MD), July 2015

"I got my root canal done at Silver Spring Endodontics recently. Dr. Sumesh Potluri and his staff are incredibly friendly and very thorough. He was very patient explaining the reasons for my excruciating tooth pain and made sure I understood what he was doing and why. I have had root canals done before by other dentists, but with Dr.Potluri, I felt it was a breeze. He wanted to ensure the root canal does not fail and sent a detailed note to my general dentist's office on the work that needs to be done prior to crown placement.

He is very accommodating with emergency appointments and his office promptly followed up on after care. I am very impressed with the impeccable service and I would highly recommend Dr.Potluri. "

Ravi D. Fairfax, VA April 2015

"I was referred to Dr. Potluri by my brother. Dr. Potluri was quite extraordinary and went out of his way to accommodate me into his schedule late evening to perform an emergency root canal after I had met with an accident. I was traumatized from the accident but he was very patient with me, calmed me down before performing the procedure. He was extremely friendly and kind. He explained everything to me and answered all my questions. He and his staff did not rush me into the procedure tough it was a little late in the evening. The entire procedure was painless and I do not have any issues with my tooth a year later. I had since referred Dr.Potluri to couple of my friends and they were all very happy with him.

Thank you Dr. Potluri for your exceptional service. "

Phani N. Ashburn, VA 2014

"Friendly staff and knowledgable doctor. The doctor makes sure the procedure is pain free. He knows exactly what he is doing. Nice and quiet setting. would definitely recommend this doctor. "

John M. Silver Spring, MD 2012